Transparent self-leveling epoxy system, resistant to UV rays which creates a hard and glossy
protective layer for casting up to 1cm.
ART PRO, the epoxy resin for artists: specifically formulated and thanks to its dense
structure, it allows you to create paintings with the “pour paint” technique and liquid paint.
It does not run off the work surface, slowly reaching the corners of the canvas.
ART PRO allows you to preserve your initial design without it being modified by the pouring

of the resin: thanks to the special formula, the layers of colors do not expand and do not mix
(unless you intervene voluntarily), faithfully respecting your creative idea!
The surface is perfectly smooth and resistant to moisture. Epoxy resin without solvents and
without odor.
 artistic works, creation of art objects (paintings, panels, etc.) with the “fluid-art”
(pour paint) technique (pouring up to 1 cm);
 coating of surfaces, objects and furniture to give depth and brilliance to the color;
 create a 3D effect on the prints, photos and images in general;
 Fixation of fillers (decorative elements, glass, stone, quartz, etc.)
 Creation of a perfectly transparent protective layer on your creations.
The “ART-PRO” formula is specifically created for coating in the artistic sector. Compatible
with coloring agents, powdered pigments, alcohol and oil based coloring agents, aerosol
Warning: do not use where humidity is present, do not use on damp surfaces or with water-
based coloring agents (e.g. Acrylics)
Technical data:
 Mixing ratio 100:66 (by weight)
 Pot Life (150 g at 30°C): 1h20 ‘
 Film (1 mm at 30°C): 6:00’
 Complete catalysis after 24 hours.