Transparent epoxy resin with low yellowing and high reactivity for silicone molds.
Professional product designed specifically for jewelry processing and artistic creations.
Developed to guarantee the advantages of epoxy resin (transparency, hardness, and shine)
but with shorter curing times compared to traditional resins.
Thanks to the particular formulation, after 6h-8h ’you can extract your own models. The
catalysis times are also influenced by external factors, such as temperature. The higher the
temperature, the faster the catalysis. Furthermore, the product can be removed from the
silicone molds after 8 hours, but reaches its maximum hardness (not deformable) after 24-
As with all other epoxy resins the use of tempera, acrylic enamels in percentages higher than
1%, can damage the mechanical strength of the creation. Given the high speed of catalysis,
the product applied on thicknesses equal to or greater than 10mm can heat up for a few
minutes, even at high temperatures. For this reason it is always necessary not to touch the
casting before 1-2 hours. If higher thicknesses are required, we recommend our Liquidissima
product (up to 30mm) or the Transparent Epoxy Resin Product (up to 20mm). The
workability time is 10′-15 ‘for quantities up to 30 g. We recommend mixing 2 minutes and
applying. Prepare max. 100g of product at a time to prevent the resin from pre-catalyzing
before application. Application ratio by weight 100:50.
Description: “I-CREATION” Transparent Highly Reactive Epoxy with high transparency and
high UV resistance for film application (1 mm) and castings up to 10 mm thick. In addition to
the high transparency (water effect) and the self-leveling properties, it guarantees an
excellent mechanical seal for long-lasting items. The product is characterized by a low
viscosity that reduces the presence of air bubbles after hardening. The excellent resistance
to environmental humidity guarantees a glossy and transparent surface. The product is
compatible with the main coloring pastes on the market. Application ratio by weight 100:50.
The highly reactive Transparent Epoxy resin is a two-component product based on epoxy
resins and relative amino hardener.
The main characteristics of this product are:
 high transparency,

 excellent mechanical resistance,
 good chemical resistance and at carbonation,
 high catalysis speed,
 glossy and self-leveling surface.
 The product can be colored with any epoxy dye (both in paste and powder) in a
percentage ranging from 0.1% to 2.0%).
 It can also be thickened with the use of aggregates such as powders and pyrogenic
These characteristics make the Epoxy resin with another “I-CREATION” reactivity ideal for
the following applications:
 Artistic creations;
 Fast prototyping
 Jewelry,
 Model construction;
Technical data:
 POT-LIFE (150GR A 30 C): 10′,
 WORKING TIME (30g at 25°C): 15′-20′,
 CATALYSIS IN FILM (1MM AT 30 C): 6H 00′,
 MASS CATALYSIS (25°C): 30g: 3h00′, 15g: 4h00′.