Liquid silicone rubber for casting, capable of penetrating everywhere and reproducing every
detail. It is suitable for making small object molds even with very small details and obvious
undercuts. Before use, it is necessary to add 5% of catalyst.
Compatible with Resin, Soap and Polymeric Pastes. Suitable for multiple reproductions of
models and complex shapes and jewels of any kind.
Complete hardening 12h. Medium hardness liquid pourable condensation silicone rubber
(20 shore A). It has high mechanical characteristics, suitable for the preparation of casts
characterized by the presence of remarkable undercuts: reproduction of bronze statues
(artistic foundries), serial reproduction of complex artifacts in resin (polyester, polyurethane
and epoxy), in plaster, natural and synthetic wax , cement (e.g. statues, decorative garden
elements, decorative candles, prototypes, decorative ceramics, rosettes, frames, fake wood
friezes, etc.). Casts for technical items.
Technical Characteristics:
 Proportion of mixture: 100: 5 in weight (= 5%),
 Pot Life – 60-80 min;
 Cast ability time – 60-80 min;
 Mold release time – 12 hours;
 Hardness – 20 + -3 Shore A,
 Color – white, semi-shiny.